if you're a Primeau doing genealogy
with origins in St Louis or northward along the Missouri,
especially among the Dakota, Ponca & Lakota,
drop me a line with your family info & i'll get back to you
with the potential connection/relation.

tp Paul & Pierre Primo in St Louis 1804
Primeau locale 1825-1863
the Cyr-Sire question
tp Chouteau to Chas. Primeau 1860-1
tp Standing Rock Heads of Families by Bands 1885
tp Primeaus in the 1885 Dakota Territory Census
tp Sioux Chiefs & US Commissioners: the photograph of
the Sioux Commission of 1888 in Washington DC

tp the 1800s Ponca Primeaux family
the Premo Ponca origin - treaty of 1825
Ponca Primeaux chiefs
tp Verdell Primeaux